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Galveston Bay Paint & Stain Products

At Galveston Bay Paint & Decorating, we recognize that our customers’ needs are as diverse as the products and colors we offer. Whether you will be attempting your first DIY project, are a professional painter, designer, or contractor, or are starting a large-scale project such as painting an office, warehouse, healthcare facility or industrial space, our experts will guide you through the entire process. Benjamin Moore’s advanced catalog includes paint that will bring new life to aging siding and walls, give peace of mind as a green and safe option for childrens’ rooms and medical facilities, and protect surfaces while ensuring the vibrancy and longevity of color. In our commitment to providing you with high quality paint products, we are also a supplier of Plutonium professional grade aerosol paints and Modern Masters metallic paints.

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Interior Paint

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Exterior Paint

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Exterior Stain

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Specialty Paint

Aura Interior Paint

Featuring Benjamin Moore’s Proprietary Color Lock technology for richer colors that stay true over time with zero VOC, Aura Interior is a rich, thick paint that provides a beautiful finish while not sacrificing outstanding durability. Includes both a paint and primer together for extreme hide and excellent coverage with fewer coats.

Zero VOC Technology
Aura Interior Paint Matte


Aura Interior Paint Eggshell


Aura Interior Paint Satin


Aura Interior Paint Semi-Gloss


Aura Bath & Spa

No matter how long you relax in the tub, you shouldn’t have to worry about the longevity of your walls. Aura Bath & Spa is a luxurious matte finish paint designed for high-humidity environments. It combines the quality of Benjamin Moore’s Aura interior line with superior mold and mildew resistance which makes it perfect for your bath or spa.

Zero VOC Technology
Aura Bath & Spa Matte


Natura Interior Paint

Benjamin Moore’s greenest paint, Natura is certified asthma and allergy friendly, has zero VOC and emissions (measured at 4 hours after application,) and is 100% acrylic. So whether you're designing a new nursery, medical space, or just want to breathe easy about your living or work environment, Natura is the perfect option.

Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly Zero VOC Technology
Natura Paint Flat


Natura Paint Eggshell


Natura Paint Semi-Gloss


Regal Select Interior Paint

Benjamin Moore has been updating and improving its formulas of Regal Select Interior paints over the last 50 years. This trusted brand is available as a duel paint and primer and is formulated for easy cleaning in a wide variety of sheens.

Zero VOC Technology
Regal Select Interior Flat


Regal Select Interior Matte


Regal Select Interior Eggshell


Regal Select Interior Pearl


Regal Select Interior Semi-Gloss


ben Interior Paint

If your project is on a tighter budget but you still want to enjoy the vibrancy and quality that Benjamin Moore has to offer, ben Interior is the perfect user-friendly paint that puts flawless results and premium color within reach.

Zero VOC Technology
ben Interior Flat


ben Interior Eggshell


ben Interior Semi-Gloss


ADVANCE Interior Paint

A premium quality, waterborne alkyd paint that offers a full line of durable high-end finishes ideal for doors, trim, and cabinetry. Can also be used on primed or previously primed wallboard, plaster, masonry, wood, and metal. ADVANCE Interior Paint is available in white, black, or tinted with Benjamin Moore's proprietary waterborne colorants.

ADVANCE Interior Paint - Primer


ADVANCE Interior Paint - Matte


ADVANCE Interior Paint - Satin


ADVANCE Interior Paint - Semi Gloss


ADVANCE Interior Paint - High Gloss


Fresh Start Interior Primer

Benjamin Moore has developed a line of interior premium primers that deliver the exceptional adhesion and holdout required for a smooth and durable topcoat while ensuring a quick drying process and easy application.

Fresh Start Interior Primer Multi-Purpose Latex



Fresh Start Interior Primer Multi-Purpose Oil Based

Oil Based


Fresh Start Interior Primer High Hiding All Purpose



Fresh Start Interior Primer Enamel Underbody

Enamel Underbody


Fresh Start Interior Primer Natura Zero-VOC

Natura Zero-VOC


Aura Exterior Paint

Aura Exterior features our exclusive Color Lock technology for rich, full color combined with outstanding durability and fade resistance to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Our unique paint & primer formula allows for superior adhesion, mildew resistance, and low-temperature application for extended painting seasons.

Aura Exterior Paint Flat


Aura Exterior Paint Low Lustre

Low Lustre(634)

Aura Exterior Paint Satin


Aura Exterior Paint Semi-Gloss


Aura Grand Entrance

Aura Grand Entrance brings vivid color, and exceptional durability to your interior/exterior doors and trim while ensuring smooth application and fade resistance against the strongest UV rays.

Aura Grand Entrance High Gloss

High Gloss(148)

Aura Grand Entrance Satin


Regal Select Exterior Paint

Are your exteriors begging for an update, but you think your old and hard-to-coat surfaces are beyond hope? Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Exterior paint can help you rejuvenate them with vibrant, fade resistant color and a strong bond regardless of their age.

Regal Select Exterior Flat



Regal Select Exterior Low Lustre


Low Lustre(103)

Regal Select Exterior Soft Gloss


Soft Gloss(096)

Regal Select Exterior High Build

Specially designed to offer optimum coverage for added protection and durability with fewer coats, Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Exterior High Build will save you time while it resists fading, cracking, and peeling so your home’s exterior will look freshly painted for years to come.

Regal Select Exterior High Build Flat


Regal Select Exterior High Build Low Lustre

Low Lustre(401)

Regal Select Exterior High Build Soft Gloss

Soft Gloss(403)

Regal Select REVIVE for Vinyl Siding

We have options for almost every application! Regal Select REVIVE is specially formulated for optimal performance on your home’s vinyl siding and trim. Its superior adhesion with Vinyl Lock technology will safely refresh the look and color of your surfaces while resisting buckling even in darker shades of color.

Regal Select REVIVE for Vinyl Siding

Low Lustre(544)

ben Exterior Paint

With a 25-year warranty, ben Exterior is user-friendly paint with excellent color retention for flawless results and beautiful transformations. With thousands of color options, ben Exterior has been continually developed by Benjamin Moore to save you time and hassle while ensuring lasting durability.

ben Exterior Paint Flat


ben Exterior Paint Low Lustre

Low Lustre(542)

ben Exterior Paint Soft Gloss

Soft Gloss(543)

Fresh Start Exterior Primer

Available for nearly any surface, our premium quality exterior primers ensure excellent adhesion and easy application for wood, architectural finishes, and more. With stain blocker and mildew resistant technology, you can protect your investment against more than the traditional elements.

Fresh Start Exterior Primer Wood Primer

Wood Primer


Fresh Start Exterior Primer Moorwhite Wood Primer

Moorwhite Wood


Fresh Start Exterior Primer Multi-Purpose Latex



Fresh Start Exterior Primer Multi-Purpose Oil Based

Oil Based


Fresh Start Exterior Primer High-Hiding All Purpose



ARBORCOAT Exterior Stain

Suitable for use on all types of wooden decking, siding, and furniture, Benjamin Moore’s ARBORCOAT provides protection while allowing all of the natural beauty of the wood grain pattern and texture to show through. It offers superior UV protection, is mildew resistant, and resists blistering, peeling, stains, and scuffs

ARBORCOAT Ultra Flat Solid

Ultra Flat Solid






Semi Solid


ARBORCOAT Semi Transparent

Semi Transparent


ARBORCOAT Translucent




Clear Coat


ARBORCOAT Semi Solid Oil

Semi Solid Oil


ARBORCOAT Semi Transparent Oil

Semi Transparent Oil


ARBORCOAT Translucent Oil

Translucent Oil



Oil Primer


ARBORCOAT Waterproofer



Studio Finishes

Our Studio Finishes are creative glazes, metallics, faux finishes and unique effects that transform almost any surface into a work of art. With options including Latex Sand Texture, Glitter effects, Latex Glazes, and even a Molten Metallic finish that creates a hammered-metal effect, your furniture, trim, ceilings, and accent walls can be easily turned into beautiful conversation pieces.

Studio Finishes Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint


Studio Finishes Latex Sand Texture

Latex Sand Texture


Studio Finishes Latex Glaze

Latex Glaze


Studio Finishes Alkyd Glaze

Alkyd Glaze

Low Lustre(409)

Studio Finishes Metallic Glaze

Metallic Glaze


Studio Finishes Molten Metallics

Molten Metallics

High Gloss(621)

Studio Finishes Glitter Effect

Glitter Effect


Studio Finishes Latex Glaze Extender

Latex Glaze Extender


Floor & Patio Latex Enamels

Our line of premium quality, quick-drying latex floor enamels offer great color and gloss retention and can be used for interior or exterior surfaces. They go on smoothly and resist soaps, detergents, grease, oil, and scratches ensuring that your floors will be beautiful and worry free for years to come.

Floor & Patio Low Sheen Enamel


Low Sheen(027)

Floor & Patio High Gloss Enamel


High Gloss(027)

Chalkboard Paint

Whether you’re redesigning a child’s room, classroom, or are just looking for a fun and easy way to get creative with your walls, Benjamin Moore’s Chalkboard Paint lets you turn virtually any interior surface into an erasable chalkboard and is available in thousands of our colors.

Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint


Sure Seal Latex Primer Sealer

Designed for a wide range of interior and exterior projects, Benjamin Moore’s Sure Seal ™ Latex Primer offers strong adhesion for all surfaces with excellent stain blocking technology. It’s low odor/low VOC formula is also resistant to mildew and fast dries to the touch in under an hour.

Sure Seal Latex Primer Sealer

Latex Primer Sealer



Plutonium ultra supreme professional grade aerosol is perfect for interior or exterior projects and provides a premium coating that resists dripping, chipping, cracking, and peeling. It's unique formula provides for superior coverage while maintaining vibrant color and fast drying time. Application is made easy with interchangable spray nozzles for precision or wide coverage, and the dual valve system allows for the can to be held at any angle without clogging.

Plutonium Product Sample
  • Ultra Supreme Professional Grade Aerosol Paint
  • Up to 2.5 times the coverage
  • Dries in 3-5 minutes
  • Superior UV protection
  • Hard, durable satin finish
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Interchangeable Pro Caps
  • High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP)
  • More vibrant colors with a higher concentration of pigments
  • Sprays 360 degrees
  • Modified automotive acrylic lacquer
  • Eco friendly, no CFCs

Modern Masters Metallics

Modern Masters' water based metallic paints have been an industry leader in specialty paints since 1970. The unique, low VOC Modern Masters formula makes them easy to apply with either a brush, roller, or sprayer and easy to clean up with just water. Modern Masters Metallics are available in a wide range of colors and are perfect for adding some decorative flair to your next interior or exterior project.

Modern Masters Metallics
Metallic Paint Collection - Satin Sheen

Satin Sheen

Metallic Paint Collection - Matte Sheen

Matte Sheen

Modern Masters MasterClear Protective Clear Topcoats

Master Clear Topcoat

Modern Masters Extender for Rolling


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